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Besides the fantastic food, entertaining events, and our unique ability to make your memories golden, Valentini's also offers a number of unique ideas which allow you to treat yourself or a loved one to a pleasant and memorable time.

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Cooking Class

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Rose Garden

Rose Garden
Picnic Baskets

Rose Garden picnic basket for two from Valentini's



Plan an old fashioned picnic in the Rose Garden or some place up the shore with your sweetheart or your kids. Valentini's offers a picnic basket for two that includes deli sandwiches, salad, sweets, and beverages.

Cost is $25

($20 Refundable Deposit for Basket)

Substitute hot Simply Pastas
for the deli sandwiches for $5 more.

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Master the Art of Italian Cooking


Cooking Classes


Valentini's Cooking Classes Schedule

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Check back later in the year for our 2019/2020 Cooking Classes!

Open to the public, this year's Authentic Italian Cooking Classes will be held at the Old Marketplace, our newest location in the Holiday Center in Downtown Duluth. Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings, starting at about 5:15pm.
(By the way, all the 2018 classes filled up right away, so we'll be repeating the classes for the early part of 2019...don't wait -- make your reservations today!)

Make your reservations today!

Call (218) 728-5900

Ideally, classes of about 12 individuals work best -- don't miss your spot!

Also, if your business is interested in a Specialized Corporate Cooking Class as a team-building activity, please call Carol at the number above, or stop in at the Old Marketplace or To-Go locations to inquire!

Happy Cooking!

Valentini grapes

La Cucina Della Razza Dei Ciurri


Translated as "The Kitchen of the Race of the Curly Heads", take home the Valentini's Family cooking tips and secrets in this fine volume of 550 delicious recipes!

With over 11,000 copies sold, learn to master the mysteries of authentic Italian cuisine for only $18, available at all Valentini's locations!

Valentini's Cookbook



Valentini's Food Truck

Available During Spring and Summer


Valentini's Food Truck


Valentini's Food Truck

Have you ever been at a local event and thought to yourself, "Gee, some Valentini's would be great right about now!"?

Valentini's new Food Truck is the answer you've been looking for!

Here, find upcoming events where we can be found!

Food Truck Schedule

  • July 31st - Cirrus
  • August 6th - Gnesen Township National Night Out - Gnesen Town Hall
  • August 7th - Cirrus
  • August 10th - Brighton Beach Art Fair
  • August 14th - Cirrus
  • August 15th - Rotary Duck Pluck - Pier B
  • August 21st - Cirrus
  • August 28th - Cirrus
  • September 4 - Cirrus
  • September 11 - Cirrus
  • September 18 - Cirrus
  • September 25 - Cirrus
  • September 28 - Lester River Rendezvous